Foods To Improve Fertility & Baby’s Health

baby fertility food Mar 01, 2021

Did you know that many pregnancy failures can be avoided by making important lifestyle changes during the periconceptional period?

What is the periconceptional period?

Researchers define this as the span of time that lasts a total of 5-6 months. It starts in the 3-4 months PRIOR to ovulation, when the egg cells begin to undergo their final maturation processes. And it lasts until 2 months after conception, or around week 10 of gestation.

Now it is true that as women age, egg quality tends to...

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What are the Benefits of Charting Your Cycle?

Charting your cycle leads to a greater awareness and understanding of how a woman’s reproductive system works.

You may have heard that charting your cycle (which is different from just tracking your period) can provide you with insight about your body, health, and mind. Did you know that there are three distinct benefits of charting your cycle? 

1. Living a charting lifestyle creates a powerful tool for self-advocacy. 

We know how a woman’s body works – we...

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4 Common Myths About FABMs

fabm Feb 03, 2021

Who's had this conversation before:

You: "I want to avoid getting pregnant right now, but I'm not happy with the pill."

Doctor: "I understand. Let's switch you to this type of birth control instead."

You: ", I don't want hormonal birth control at all."

Doctor: "Oh, I see. You want an IUD?"

You: "Actually, I started using fertility awareness, and it's..."

Doctor: [Interrupting you while shaking their head] "I'll see you in a month or two to confirm pregnancy."

I practice an...

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Stress and Fertility

As an infertility veteran myself, I know that being told to “Just relax” or “Let it happen” is not helpful. Period. But as a PhD scientist, I also know there is science that shows that stress can actually impact fertility. Keep reading to learn more about the link between stress, hormones, and fertility! 

The Science Behind Stress and Fertility

While there is still research to be done on all the ways stress can impact fertility, studies show that our bodies can...

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Stress and Your Well-Charted Cycle

ovulation stress Jan 14, 2021

Did you know that stress can affect your fertility?

We know there are two basic phases to the monthly cycle every woman experiences. During the follicular phase, the ovary brings an egg (or two) towards maturation in ovulation.  In the luteal phase,  the body either prepares for a long haul of 9 months supporting a newly-conceived baby OR the shedding of the lining of the uterus in the process called menstruation, when the cycle then repeats itself. The length of the cycle hinges on...

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7 Simple Strategies to Manage Stress and Restore Your Hormonal Balance

hormonal imbalance stress Jan 08, 2021

Stress is inevitable. It’s the elephant in the room that, when ignored, has a tendency to multiply in size and magnitude. While COVID did force us to slow down, it simply replaced the stress of living too fast, too hard, for too long (frantic commutes, packed calendars, and late nights, anyone??) with the stress of navigating a global pandemic. In my dream world, neither situation would exist.  

There is no denying that stress has a deleterious effect on health and wellness,...

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