Cycle Power Summit 2020

FREE Online Event 

April 16-20, 2020 

There is SO. MUCH. POWER. for women to discover when it comes to feminine cycles! 

The 2020 Summit s bringing together a diverse group of leaders and experts in fertility awareness and restorative reproductive healthcare.

We’re crossing boundaries of faith, locale, and fertility awareness methods at this Summit, uniting around a passion for FABM’s and the power of positive fertility awareness! 

Be part of the new generation across generations of women who are passionate about cycle syncing, the diagnostic power of FABM’s, charting, and so much more when you register here:


Hi, I'm Melissa.

I teach women to manage their menstrual cycles with a proven 5-step process.



Grab your spot for a complimentary 20-minute Discovery Call.
Discover if Chart Your Cycle is the right program for you.

Chart Neo

I’m excited to announce my partnership with the Chart Neo App and Web Platform. I am committed to providing you with efficient, easy to use technology that allows you to streamline your charting process, securely store your data, and receive charting support that complies with HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA security guidelines.

This is something new. Something Neo.


Discover the 5 Most Common Cycle Patterns

Grab this free cycle guide and learn about the 5 most common menstrual cycle patterns and what each pattern conveys. Which cycle pattern best describes you?


Chart Your Cycle Online Implementation & Coaching Program

Chart Your Cycle is THE best way to learn how to navigate your menstrual cycle with confidence and clarity. This brand-new program has everything you need to begin your journey to living a charting lifestyle. And, guess what, we’re going to have FUN while we’re at it!

Registration is currently closed.


Manage Your Menstrual Mindset in 4 Simple Steps

Embrace the power of your menstrual cycle and reconnect with your body in a positive way. Together, we’ll transform how you view your period so you can stop dreading your monthly flo and tap into your female superpower. Are you ready?


Fertility Awareness

Chart Your Cycle

The complete A-Z implementation program to confidently and accurately chart your menstrual cycle. Secure, streamlined cycle charting with confidential chart evaluations and ongoing support. 

Cycle Power Summit

An online conference empowering women to manage their health and fertility. A life-changing 4 days with experts and leaders in fertility awareness and restorative women's healthcare. 2020 line-up coming soon. 

Chart Neo

An intuitive app and online platform that will transform the way you interact with your charting data. We provide secure & streamlined data collection so you can interpret your chart with confidence.

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