What are the Benefits of Charting Your Cycle? fabm family planning infertility

Charting your cycle leads to a greater awareness and understanding of how a woman’s reproductive system works.

You may have heard that charting your cycle (which is different from just tracking your period) can provide you with insight about your body, health, and mind. Did you know that there are three distinct benefits of charting your cycle? 

1. Living a charting lifestyle creates a powerful tool for self-advocacy. 

We know how a woman’s body works – we...

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4 Common Myths About FABMs fabm

Who's had this conversation before:

You: "I want to avoid getting pregnant right now, but I'm not happy with the pill."

Doctor: "I understand. Let's switch you to this type of birth control instead."

You: "Um...no, I don't want hormonal birth control at all."

Doctor: "Oh, I see. You want an IUD?"

You: "Actually, I started using fertility awareness, and it's..."

Doctor: [Interrupting you while shaking their head] "I'll see you in a month or two to confirm pregnancy."

I practice an...

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