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Here's what women are saying about Chart Your Cycle:

Melissa Buchan is totally awesome!!! A complete professional. I am 100% confident that everything discussed in our sessions is private. She also KNOWS the method. [She] has helped us in our family planning and completely blessed our marriage in so many ways.

If you are looking for a safe, drug free, way to track your fertility and improve your marriage then this is it!

CYC Client

I know so many women who are given the pill for symptom management of hormone imbalances. I also know that some women don't want to take the pill but feel uncertain and unprepared to manage their cycle without it. I strongly encourage clients, when willing, to look for solutions that will treat their symptoms, not just cover them up.

Melissa Buchan is a great resource!

Everyday Nutrition, LLC

CYC Client

It's a great way to get to know yourself and to learn the language your body speaks.


This has made me so confident that there are other options! Goodbye synthetic hormones!


Melissa has been an invaluable resource, and I truly enjoy and look forward to our conversations.

[My husband and I] are both excited to have started this process a couple months ago after struggling to conceive for almost 2 years with our first child. I think we are both looking forward to ALL of the insight charting can provide. One thing that I am increasingly excited about is figuring out my mood and energy levels. If I can find a pattern and know what to expect from that, I would be ecstatic! I think he would be, too.

I am so glad to be part of this group and working with such great women like Melissa and Chavah! For my husband, I think he finds most comfort and encouragement knowing that I feel supported and that I have somewhere I can look to for guidance and answers.

If you’ve been searching for answers and asking questions that no one will answer in regards to your reproductive place.. JOIN!

CYC student

You've been such a huge help to me since I started with you last spring.

I feel as though I'm getting more answers about my health and am more in control of it than I have ever been.

I no longer feel like I'm simply at the mercy of luck/doctors to give me answers about things that concern me; I can actually take an active role in my own health. Your program has played a huge role in this, and helped me put some important pieces together. So, THANK YOU, truly -- I would not be where I am now without you!

CYC student


Very great overview of FAM! You present an informative and inspiring vision of what fertility awareness can do for women . . . and those who love and live with them too! Thank you.


Melissa is like a friend who doesn’t just give advice, but sound knowledge of my femininity. That’s what I’ve been searching for!


(I like) Having one-on-one coaching and group coaching calls. I learned new things every time and understood more about my body.

I cannot tell you how much developing a charting lifestyle and learning so much about my body has changed my life.

I am so grateful for Melissa and her program. As I began my charting journey last July in the pilot program, and I began to learn so much about the reproductive system through taking a doula course, and reading other books about fertility, I have begun to see how passionate I am about women's health. This is something I would love to learn more about and could see myself doing in the future. Thank you so much Melissa for sharing your time, wisdom, and passion.

The program takes work and is about building habits, but it is so empowering and completely worth it!

CYC student


This course has been so awesome!...led by an AMAZING instructor!!


This showed me that I can actually do this. Charting isn’t that daunting and I CAN be confident with the information I get from my charting.


If I have any daughters, they're gonna be learning about this too. I'm gonna make them do it. It's cool to see patterns, seeing what your body is doing.

Thank you CYC! Tomorrow I will have surgery to remove endometriosis and will get started on an antibiotic to address a bacteria that has caused chronic inflammation.

I can’t thank CYC enough for helping me to learn more from my cycle and put me in contact with the right doctors to help solidify a diagnosis other than “unexplained infertility” and to be able to do something about it. 🥰 

Knowing what we’re working with feels incredible.

Through working with you I understood so many more of my symptoms and was connected with doctors in NaPro Technology.  Thank you so much for the work you do to bring light to an otherwise dim area. My husband and I both wanted to understand the root cause behind our infertility, and where our doctors stopped investigating you were able to offer another path and we are incredibly grateful for that.

CYC student

If I had to pick one word describing what this group has done for me or means to me, the word is HOPE.Thank you SO much for all that you and everyone on your team does for us! You have helped give me (and I’m sure many others too) hope when I most needed it this year, during a time when I hadn’t even realized I had lost it. 

I truly don't think we would be where we are today without the support of this group.

So it is with HOPE that we wish to share with you the news of our little one, due March 2021!

Annie La Pan
CYC Student


It's a program that takes time to learn, but things you learn will be very useful for the rest of your life.


Charting my cycle and finding a great RE through Melissa have been game changers for my health ❤️


It's a resource I can't get anywhere else. And Melissa is great.

Before I joined the Chart Your Cycle Program I wasn't exactly confident about my cycle signs. Now after charting with Chavah's help I am so very confident with my cycle signs. Chavah saved me a lot of time by telling me the courses needed for understanding my cycle and always helped me identify my cycle fertile and infertile times. She was also a great support to me and understood the frustrations I faced in cycle charting and helped me to identify the safe phases. I would recommend her to anyone interested in charting their fertility.

CYC student

I am a PICU nurse and I work day and night shift. Therefore, it's hard for me to sit down a whole day and read a book that teaches me about my menstrual cycle and fertility markers.... I had bought so many fertility gadgets and books to start learning about my menstrual cycles, and the role of hormones in my body. I spent a lot of money and felt greatly anxious because I wanted to know the information to its core in a matter of days. Which of course is impossible, especially doing all of this on my own. It was so much information that I felt so overwhelmed to the point that I almost gave up on it; and was going to settle on birth control.

Thankfully, I prayed. Honestly, I put my fertility intentions into God’s hand, and asked him to help me, for NFP in general was all new to me. Literally 3 days after this, I found out about Melissa’s CYC online pilot course and listen y’all, I am so GRATEFUL to God and to Melissa’s amazing work throughout the course with the use of the Chart Neo app. This was the best decision ever!

I am now confident in my mucus observations and all the details of fertility markers. I understand my menstrual cycle so well that I am now able to navigate through my cycle with so much ease and peace of mind. I thought I was never going to learn it well. I 100% doubted myself. But Melissa’s CYC course proved me otherwise: It gave me HOPE and CONFIDENCE.

It’s just MIND BLOWING to me that I was able to learn so much good information in less than 5 weeks, and to clinically apply it to my cycle correctly!

Also, the Neofertility app makes it so much easier to understand since the answers are already in the app itself!!! ❤️ Thank you Dr. Boyle for This amazing app and easy approach to understand a woman’s body health and fertility! ❤️❤️❤️

CYC Client


Charting can lead me to advocate for myself with physicians that only learn my body via my records for a few minutes before my appointment.


The program takes work and is about building habits, but it is so empowering and completely worth it!


It is such a great lifestyle. Knowing more than your doctor about your cycle is amazing!!


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