What are the Benefits of Charting Your Cycle?

Charting your cycle leads to a greater awareness and understanding of how a woman’s reproductive system works.

You may have heard that charting your cycle (which is different from just tracking your period) can provide you with insight about your body, health, and mind. Did you know that there are three distinct benefits of charting your cycle? 

1. Living a charting lifestyle creates a powerful tool for self-advocacy. 

We know how a woman’s body works – we...

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Stress and Fertility

As an infertility veteran myself, I know that being told to “Just relax” or “Let it happen” is not helpful. Period. But as a PhD scientist, I also know there is science that shows that stress can actually impact fertility. Keep reading to learn more about the link between stress, hormones, and fertility! 

The Science Behind Stress and Fertility

While there is still research to be done on all the ways stress can impact fertility, studies show that our bodies can...

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