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Chart Your Cycle



Melissa Buchan

Hello, I'm Melissa Buchan!

For nearly 20 years, I’ve helped empower women to better understand their fertility and manage their reproductive health. I’m a registered nurse, board-certified health and wellness coach, Neo Fertility advisor, and co-developer of Chart Neo, a medical management model app for secure cycle charting. I’m also a member of the IIRRM and FACTS. The mission of my work at Virtus Fertility Care is to empower, educate, and serve.

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Chavah Brooke Hull

Hi, I'm Chavah Brooke Hull!

Since 2012, I've worked with women and families as a birth doula and woman's health advocate. I began charting my cycle in 2011 and became a trained fertility awareness practitioner in 2019. As a Chart Your Cycle Fertility Coach, I work primarily with women seeking hormone-free, natural birth control and those in the postpartum period. I am passionate about educating women on evidence-based herbal options to optimize hormone and cycle health.

Chavah Brooke Hull

Deb Martinek

Hey, I'm Deb Martinek!

Having learned to chart my cycle in 2008 as I was preparing for marriage with my husband Ben, I have been an avid promoter of cycle awareness! I became a trained practitioner in 2013 and have taught dozens of individual women and couples since then. I love helping people learn more about the natural ebbs and flows of the cycle and how to use that information to empower every other component of their lives. I joined Melissa’s Chart Your Cycle team in 2020 and have embraced the opportunity to teach my clients in the digital space.

It would be an honor to accompany you on your journey of fertility awareness!


Aryan Manalo

I work as the Operations Manager for Chart Your Cycle, and Melissa's personal assistant. I perform social media management, website construction, and other organizational tasks for Virtus Fertility Care. I joined this team because of their mission and drive to help women all over the world advocate for themselves by understanding and caring for their bodies.

Lisa O'Shea

I am honored to be a part of the Virtus Fertility Care team. I support the coaches, maintain client data and help grow Virtus Fertility as an executive assistant. I’ve been a cycle charter myself since 2004. Cycle charting and fertility awareness were crucial pieces in my journey to motherhood, so I love being a part of this important work in serving women and their health.