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Melissa Buchan: National Board Certified Integrative Health & Wellness Coach and Neo Fertility Advisor

Navigating your menstrual cycle is a powerful daily practice that provides insight into managing and balancing your hormonal health. Medical literature states that a well-charted cycle is the fifth vital sign in women. Melissa talks about how her personal experiences led her down this career path, empowering women from a young age to understand external cues that inform them about what is happening internally, natural birth control and the charting lifestyle to cycle sync and bio hack your cycle, how to manage stress, and Melissa shares some great advice for women as a mother and expert in this space.

Body Literacy Expert and Fertility Coach Melissa Buchan

Melissa Buchan guests on "The Hormone Genius Podcast" to talk about the Chart Your Cycle Program, an online coaching platform empowering women around the world to know their bodies, confidently practice NFP, and advocate for their own reproductive healthcare.

The Power of Charting Your Cycle

Melissa Buchan discusses how to chart your cycle and why it is such a basic but vital aspect of having optimal woman's health on "Happy Healthy Hormones" with Dr. Chris Murphy. Whether you are trying to track your cycle for natural birth control, trying to conceive, or just trying to optimize your health, you are going to want to listen to this episode!

Let's talk period stuff‪!‬

On this episode of "Stuff Your Doctor Should Know" with Kitty Martone, Melissa Buchan talks about women's reproductive health, and how this life changing information should be taught to every young girl and every single woman. Every woman should know this information as well as she knows her own name.

Restorative Approach to Fertility

On this episode of the "Peaceful Power Podcast" with Andrea Claassen, Melissa Buchan shares all about charting your cycle to prevent pregnancy or to use as a fertility tool. This is a powerful conversation for anyone wanting to know more about fertility awareness through a more restorative lens.

Menstrual Charting and Fertility Hacks

On this episode of "The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Podcast" with Coach Kela Robinson Smith, Melissa Buchan of Virtus Fertility Care talks about Menstrual Charting and Fertility Hacks.

Melissa, Integrative Health Coach & Neo Fertility Advisor. How to chart your cycle, how her health journey led her on this path.

On this episode of "The Cycle. Endometriosis Podcast", Melissa Buchan of Virtus Fertility Care chats with another Melissa B. about helping womxn manage their menstrual cycles, reclaim their reproductive health, and optimize their wellbeing. Listen to Melissa's personal journey with chronic fatigue, irregular periods, and horrible back pain in high school that led her down the path to helping others with their menstrual health.  

PCOS, Infertility & the Importance of a Well-Charted Cycle

On this episode of the "Chronically Healing Podcast" with Jessie Fritz, Melissa Buchan talks about her work helping women with one of the most important parts of their lives - their cycle.

We really dug into the importance of charting your menstrual cycle. Not only can charting your cycle help you with things like fertility (or not getting pregnant!) but it can also help you better plan for your crazy life. Did you know there are four different phases in your cycle and you’re probably feeling a bit different in each!

Fertility and Cycle Tracking with Melissa Buchan

On this episode of "The New Mom Boss Podcast" with Kallista Andersen, Melissa Buchan shares with us about fertility awareness, why it’s so important to learn at an early age, and her tips for tracking the menstrual cycle. She also sheds light on birth control and infertility and answers questions about getting pregnant while breastfeeding, and the effects that stress has on our cycles.

Ladies. You do NOT want to miss out on hearing our conversation. Melissa is so knowledgeable on this subject, and is truly helping so many women take back their reproductive health. We hope that you will be one of them.

A Letter to the Woman Experiencing "Unexplained" Infertility

On this episode of the "Letters to Women" podcast, Melissa Buchan talks about her mission to help women and couples better understand their fertility and manage their reproductive health.

Some women (podcast host Chloe Langr included!) have received a diagnosis of "unexplained infertility” from their OB-GYN. This frustrating news has seemingly no answers. But Melissa believes that women deserve to understand and discover the root cause behind the infertility they’re experiencing.

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s more to this “unexplained infertility” diagnosis and you’re ready for answers, sister, this letter is for you.

Charting Your Cycle to Empower Your Hormone Health

On this episode of the "She Talks Health" podcast, Melissa Buchan and Sophie Shepherd talk ALL things cycle charting and how to use it as a daily empowerment practice that allows you to tune into your reproductive health, to understand what your shifting moods and energy is about, and how this is the first step in creating a diagnostic tool that can allow you to partner with your healthcare team when something goes awry with your period/fertility.

The Art.. or Science of Cycle Charting

On this episode of the "Not Defined by Endo" podcast, Melissa Buchan and Teniola Ogunro talk about cycle charting. Is it the same as period tracking?

Melissa is the founder of Virtus Fertility Centre in Texas USA, and she provides her clients, many of whom are endometriosis and PCOS patients, with the tools to monitor and track their fertility cycles. Melissa provides cycle-targeted diagnostic testing to optimize fertility treatment plans. Melissa also developed a fertility app called Chart Neo which acts as a powerful tool for charting your cycle and assessing your health. 

Supporting Your Fertility Through Cycle Charting

On this episode of the "Mastering Your Fertility" podcast, Melissa Buchan was interviewed by Kristin Cornett about how to effectively chart your menstrual cycle to evaluate and support your fertility. Learning to chart is one of the most proactive and empowering things you can do to understand your body, participate in your healthcare, and take control of your fertility journey.