Catholic Marriage & Living a Charting Lifestyle

Getting married? Prepare for the sacrament and get a head start on your fertility awareness journey.


Charting Foundations

The complete A-Z implementation program to confidently and accurately chart your menstrual cycle for health evaluation, infertility assessment, and family planning.

Group Coaching

Connect with a CYC Coach for weekly chart reviews. Gain confidence and clarity in reading your chart and navigating your fertility.

Charting Resources

Free 1-year subscription to the Chart Neo app and web portal. The best cycle charting app for Catholic couples!

Understand and Manage Your Reproductive Health 

Learn to navigate your cycle. Gain a practical understanding of your fertility. Confidently advocate for your reproductive health. We believe a charting lifestyle is a journey, and fertility awareness is the foundation.

Build the Foundation for an Awesome Catholic Marriage

God designed marriage to be an expression of love - free, total, faithful, and fruitful. We believe integrating fertility awareness into your relationship will propel your marriage into greatness.

Chart Your Cycle for Family Planning

When you have a strong foundation in fertility awareness, it makes communicating with your spouse a lot easier. Couples who can talk about their chart can talk about anything! Learn how to incorporate charting into your marriage, whether you intend to avoid pregnancy or achieve pregnancy. Charting is so much more than a method, it's a lifestyle!

Chart Your Cycle Engaged 

The Chart Your Cycle Engaged experience is a perfectly-paced program designed for couples who are preparing for the sacrament of marriage and want a head start on their fertility awareness journey. In CYC Engaged, couples build the foundation of the charting lifestyle and its integration with Catholic marriage.

The 12-week program includes:

☑️ CYC Engaged Foundations Course

☑️ 1-year subscription to Chart Neo app

☑️ 9 group coaching calls for personalized chart reviews (*attendance at 3 sessions is required for successful program completion)

☑️ Certificate of Completion for your parish marriage prep coordinator

You’ll learn how to chart your cycle with confidence and clarity. Our team is here to support you every step of the way!

Ready for an Awesome Catholic Marriage?

Start with Chart Your Cycle Engaged.