Mel & Anna


A Texas suburbanite and an expat nomad talk life, work, fertility awareness, food, mama-hood, the feminine genius, and everything in between.

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Episode 5: Navigating Infertility During the Holiday Season

Letting go of the negative emotions tied to the struggle of infertility takes an intentional and often difficult effort. There is no right way to move through this journey. Anna shares her painful struggle through seven years of infertility.

Episode 4: Active Listening

Learn 5 simple steps for active listening to deepen your relationships and make meaningful connections.

Episode 3: Intentional Conversations

Going deeper than chit chat sometimes takes an action plan and a good meal, or maybe an alarm clock...

Episode 2: STUFF

From the physical to the emotional and mental, STUFF can clutter our space and our mind. In this episode, we dig into detachment.

Episode 1: Welcome to the Show

The caffeine-free edition! This is an extra special episode. Mel and Anna connect in Toronto and learn that coffee is completely optional when chatting face to face. Join in on the inaugural episode where Mel and Anna discuss times of transition.

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